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The founders of the Slideseller project came up with an idea to gather together – in a single creative platform Slideseller.com – designers and creative people who create professional presentation templates in PowerPoint, Keynote and Google slide.

According to statistics, a specialist spends 80% of his time creating presentation and only 20% on preparing for his public speech. This ultimately makes your speech less efficient.

You no longer need to waste your time developing a presentation. Choose an off-the-shelf template on our website and focus your time on your public speaking.
Choose one of the many templates that most accurately reflects the theme of your presentation.
Our templates can be easily customized to your needs. You don’t need to know any additional programs to be able to customize a presentation to your speech.
Focus on your public speaking. In the end, that’s what that can fetch you money that is more than what you spend on buying the template.
Do you want to become an author? 
Do you want to become an author and sell your works to millions of customers on international creative platform Slideseller? Our best authors sell their works for thousands of dollars a month. Why are more and more creative people choosing Slideseller?
Create presentation templates in your spare time and earn from anywhere in the world.
Sell your works on a specialized site dedicated to ready-to-use templates.
Earn 70% from each sale. Our best authors earn over $2,000 per month.
You are free to sell your works not only on our site, but also in other platforms.