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Drawing infographics in PowerPoint

by malis | 20.12.2018

Don't you draw in PowerPoint yet? It is a pity, because the program gives you the basic ability to do it on your slides, without using other applications. And now I will tell you about it. We start with the Insert > Shapes tab.



We are offered to select some elements for our artwork. Of course, they are not quite good for drawing complex infographics, but enough for creating simple illustrations. Let's draw a simple infographic, for example a cup, based on the available Shapes. Do not forget to use fantasy)


Step 1

Any complex object can be represented as a set of simple forms. And now we need to do it. See the photo below, our cup consists of simple forms. I am sure, there is nothing complicated here, and you can repeat this sequence.


Now, when we have all the elements drawn, we can go to the next step.


Step 2

Align toolbar is probably the most powerful tool in the designer’s arsenal. It depends on it how harmonious and professional your illustration will come out. You can easy find the Align toolbar; it is enough to select all objects that we will align with vertical line relative to the center and select Arrange > Align in the Drawing Tools tab.


Do not forget to align the handles of the cup with the horizontal axis.

Now we are sure that all our elements are correctly and harmoniously arranged relative to each other. Use Align tools at every stage, it is a guarantee of high quality of your infographics.


Step 3

Equally important to be able to work with Shapes, and for this there is the Merge Shapes toolbar in the arsenal of the PowerPoint application (not lower than version 13). To find it, just select two objects and select the Merge Shapes toolbar in the Drawing Tools tab.

Five functions will be available to you: Union, Combine, Fragment, Intersect, Subtract. Each function is responsible for a specific operation. I do not want to explain a lot, but I advise you to get some practice independently and remember them.

After brief manipulations with the Merge Shapes tools, we can have such cup.

Step 4

Now, when our cup is ready, it's time to add shine to it, following the modern trend in infographics. Usually, for this purpose, I use small gradient and highlights. For example, for our cup, we will use gold gradient fill:

And we will add little glare, which I made from an oval shape. But you may move beyond this and try something of your own.

I cited the basic rules which guide me during creation of infographics.


Exactly these principles are the basis of infographics, which I use in my work



Do not stop there, try, go forward and I am sure you can achieve more.


Author: Aleksandr Babin