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Modular grid system in PowerPoint presentations

by malis | 17.12.2018

I’ve seen many good presentations, but even more I’ve seen bad ones. You will not believe, but I’ve seen them with my own eyes! I’ve long thought why people draw such awful slides, and as a result I understood that they are just doomed to it. The knowledge and experience a designer gets during training at school or particular university are not available to an ordinary person. The person is not familiar with composition, sense of style, and has never been told about modular gridlines and principles of composition.

As a result, I set a goal to tell all people about making beautiful slides by means of the modular grid system that can allow an ordinary specialist to work independently.


Why is the modular grid system necessary?

The modular grid system sets the standard of elements arrangement: it facilitates alignment of the elements, addition of new ones, and further support of a slide. It reduces probability of mistakes at elements transfer from one page to another. It helps the page look aesthetically pleasing due to proportionality of the elements.

It helps new participants understand the layout promptly as the grid system has its own logic.


How can you select a module of your grid system?

When creating a slide, you may choose any module for your grid system, from classical symmetric to any asymmetric. As an example, you can see several options of a modular grid system of a presentation. 



The simplest version of the grid has a classical arrangement of cells (modules) relative to the slide.



Other modular grid has more complex structure between lines, forming a parallelogram as the module.



Thus, having chosen an optimum modular grid and having drawn it in a master slide, you will be able to create easily a set of beautiful and professional-looking slides on its basis. You should not think and worry about objects composition and arrangement any more. It is enough to adhere to gridlines of your modular grid to make your presentation look uniform.


Basic rules for making up slides according to modular grid:


Do not break “security fields”

Create “security fields” for your slides. Remember and watch that neither the text, nor objects get beyond its limits. It is important that the content of your slide should be perceived harmoniously.



The information on the left slide looks better than the information on the right slide, wouldn't you say?


Place information along lines

Design elements can be easy positioned and aligned based on a modular grid. Lines help to arrange text blocks, headings of articles, illustrations, photos and other graphic and information objects accurately. It is important to adhere to this regularity and to observe uniform intervals between elements.



I am sure that the modular grid system will become the strongest tool in your arsenal. With its help you need not think and worry about the correct arrangement of elements in your slides any more.


Here are some examples of works based on the Modular Grid principle:




Author: Aleksandr Babin